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PDF Conversion

Once you have made sure that you’re completely happy with the content and layout of your finished thesis then you will need to convert it as a single file to PDF format (portable document file). PDF is the only format we can accept for digital laser printing as it will preserve the exact accurate typography and layout of your work true to how you want it printed regardless of the application and platform you have used to generate the document. For this reason we have provided a free PDF converter for your use on this website.

Note we can take no responsibility for checking or changing submitted files before printing. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no typographic errors, problems with page numbering or omissions from the document both before conversion and after you have received the file in PDF format.

Our free PDF converter can be used to upload a single file for conversion. The converted PDF file will then be e-mailed back to you so please make sure that you have an active internet email account before using the PDF converter. After you have checked it you can then upload the saved PDF file to our on-line order form page for printing from.

If there are any formulas or landscape (change in page orientation) pages in your thesis, then the page numbers should be bought to our attention.

3 Ways to Convert

  1. Mac Users: If you have a Mac you already have a PDF print driver installed. Simply print to PDF from the document source.

  2. Adobe Acrobat Writer installed: If you have Adobe Acrobat Writer on your PC simply print the document to PDF and create it this way.

  3. FREE DOWNLOAD: Alternatively, you can download freeware software (it's free!) PDFCreator to your computer. This will install a PDF print driver on your computer. Once again it's a simple process and takes minutes to install. Once installed you simply print to PDF from the document source.

Using our Easy Calculator

Before placing your order you will need to enter the details of your thesis printing, binding and delivery/collection requirements into our Easy-Calculator that will then generate the total cost. You’ll need to know:

* how many copies you want,
* how many black and colour printed pages need printing per copy ,
* what type of binding you want
* details of any extras such as pockets for CD’s, DVD’s or loose inserts, the turnaround time (service level) you want
* and whether you are collecting the finished bound books from our shop or if being delivered, how you want the work to be delivered.

Costs for the various options are shown in the Easy-Calculator. More information on the options is shown below.

Colour or Black Ink Only Printing

Please remember to send us your exact pages which need to be in colour to ensure that there are no discrepencies to cost

Service Levels

We have a great reputation for meeting the deadlines expected by our customers. However we can accept no liability, under any circumstances, for any delay in providing this service as there could be circumstances beyond our ability to control. Note that pdf submission times are based on 20 minutes from the time you press “send”

Same Day Print and Bind Service

This service is available but cannot be submitted via BK thesis. To get a same day service the following criteria must be met:

Your PDF must be emailed to print@bkbookbinders.co.za by 7.30am.
Please phone us soon afterwards on +2731 3122200
Personal collection is required if your thesis/es is needed the same day,
Failing this you can select one of our delivery methods.
Payment is required with your order on the phone and you will be advised on what time to collect your work.

Next Day (24 hour)

From the time you submit your thesis, we work to a strict 24 hour service for collection or dispatch

Standard Service (24 hrs)

Two day service (48 hours)
From the time you submit your thesis, we work to a strict 48 hour service for collection or dispatch

Our Calculator Prices:

Binding Style

24 Hour


48 Hour







Library Buckram






Wiro binding







Plastic CD Pocket R18.50 hand made pocket (cloth) R65.00

Delivery Methods

The stated services below are based on our chosen courier company not failing in their level of service and no liability will be accepted by BK thesis for any failure in this regard. We will normally email you details of dispatch. It is your responsibility to ensure somebody is available to sign for and take delivery.

What are the Binding Options?

We will bind the printed pages for you as Hard bound books with lettering on the spine and/or front covers. You can choose which cloth colour we are to use when covering the hard bound book and also what colour spine and front cover lettering you require.

Alternatively you can have the pages bound together using our Wiro bound binding facility without any spine lettering of course but with a plastic, see through cover. Your printed title sheet on a 200gsm white board and a 200gsm board on the back of book. All held together with white wiro. See our Fact File on Thesis binding here.

Are Discounts Available?

Whilst no discount is available on the printing charges, Wiro Bound formats or delivery costs, you will be given a 15% discount on the binding costs if ordering at least 3 or more copies of any hard bound books at the same time for delivery to one address.

Is VAT Payable?

VAT is charged on South African Orders only and is reflected in the final price on the price calculator for all international orders. VAT is not included.

Cover Colour Options

Important Notice Whilst every effort has been made to reproduce these colours accurately, users should be advised that actual cover colours may vary from that displayed on your own computer monitor.

For Hard Bound Book

Please specify cloth colour choice when ordering on the order form using the drop down menu.

Payment Options

If ordering on-line then your payment details will be required when you place the order and payment will be taken from your credit or debit card before any work commences. You can pay on a Mastercard, Visa card by giving details on our secure encrypted payment page. Confirmation of your order and payment will be sent to you by e-mail. You will still need to submit your payment details when ordering on-line, even if collecting your work personally.


We will print from a remote disc or storage stick if delivered or posted to us or from an attached file sent by e-mail provided the file is in PDF format. We can also provide a photocopying service if multiple copies are required from an original hardcopy or just bind from your own printed copies. Please ask us for details of current prices for photocopying and binding or binding only. Contact Us (print@bkbookbinders.co.za)

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